Equine Water Systems

Water Filtration and Purification for Horses

Vibrant water has been working vigilantly with professionals in the Equine Industry and have developed a number of Equine Water Systems.   Our system is designed for two purposes:

Producing healthy and safe water:

  • Removing Bacteria
  • Removing Nitrates
  • Removing Fluorides (proven very dangerous for horses)
  • Removing Chlorine and Chloramines
  • Removing volatile organics, oils and other unwanted chemicals.

Improve the taste of the water, making it more desirable for the horse to drink.

  • Improved Hydration and Electrolyte Balance
  • Improved Performance and Recovery through better hydration.

University Case Studies show that all animals will drink more water if they like the taste, resulting in better hydration.

Water aids in digestion and elimination of waste.  Drinking more water will assist in the prevention of  impaction colic.  In addition, drinking healthy water will reduce the possibility of  colic from harmful things in the water such as chemicals, organisms and volatile organics.

Vibrant’s Equine Hydration System has been designed to be portable if needed.  If there is no water supply,  you can take your own bottles with you while you are competing to assure your horse continues to be hydrated with the high quality water it has been accustomed to.

Features and Specifications of the Equine Hydration System:

  • 2.5” x 20” five micron filtration with spun polypropylene replaceable cartridge
  • 2.5” x 20” cartridge with KDF for chlorine reduction and coconut shell activated
  • carbon to remove volatile organics, tastes and odors.
  • a ESF Scale preventer.  Proprietary catalytic/magnetic to prevent scale prevention in reverse osmosis membrane.
  • Pressure Boost Pump.  Non-metallic pressure head.  Can operate dry.
  • Reverse Osmosis Membrane,  2.5” x 14” Thin film (polyamide) 150 gallon per day
  • 3.2 gallon hydro pneumatic storage tank.  Field adjustable
  • Proprietary Ultra Violet Disinfection.  Calculated Fluence 40mJ/cm2  @ 3 GPM.
  • Lamp in air with vents for cooling, Water in a FEP thermoplastic coil.  Used for final
  • sterilization of water and prevents cross contamination of water in the hydro-pneumatic tank.
  • Oxygen injected for accelerated hydration.
  • Electrolyte injection system available
  • Equine Model E-150 Water Treatment System
  • Proven Enhanced Performance through better hydration
  • Help prevent colic through better hydration
  • Help prevent colic and overall health by removing dangerous
  • Removes 90% of all elements dissolved in water.
  • chemicals and volatile organics from the water.
  • Can be up fitted for bottled water for humans.
  • 150 gallons per day system. Can be sized to fit your barn or draining facility up to 30,000 gallons per day.


We recently installed Vibrant’s Equine Hydration System at our barn.  My Quarter Horse, Cody has always been in peak condition.  When it comes to barrel racing, one hundredth of a second can cost you.  We have monitored the amount of water he is drinking and it has increased dramatically.  Cody has been running his best times consistently, he is more focused, with a much shorter recovery time as well.  I believe being better hydrated results in Cody’s increased performance and I am more comfortable knowing he is drinking water for his overall well being.  I have 5 gallon bottles I take with me to make sure he gets the water during competitions and rodeos as well.”        Ashley Porter, WPRA, NBHA member.